Trackday Nürburgring Grand Prix Strecke

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Nürburgring GP

reservation closed
Event Info

Nürburgring Grand Prix track.

Time schedule: 8h00 - 18h00

Prices: 920,00 euro 2nd driver inclusive.
Extra drivers: 80,00 euro
Catering costs 80,00 in the Jaguar lounge.

Please mind the current noise limit for the Nordschleife: 130db
Helmets are required.

Track Info
addressOtto-Flimm-Straße 53520 Nürburg Germany
length4500 m
noise limit128 db
About the track

Nürburgring Grand Prix track.

General Rules
  1. Helmet is always obligatory when on track.
  2. The free driving sessions are only open for drivers WITH experience. It is not allowed to rent your car to people without experience without an instructor.
  3. Yellow flag = DANGER! No passing, slow down and have respect for the officials and the other drivers on track.
    Red flag = SESSION STOPPED!  No passing, slow down and enter the pitlane.
  4. Each car needs to have light (in front and rear)! When the weather is bad, it can be obligatory to turn on the lights. If no lights available, you might not be allowed on track.
  5. TOW HOOK obligatory: If your car has no tow hook, it might not be allowed on track. 
  6. PASSING: the slow car stays on the ideal racing line, the faster car passes next to the racing line. Passing can happen on left or right side.
  7. NOISE LIMIT ZOLDER: maximum 98 decibel. Your noise is measured 2 times per lap. If you break the limit you will get a black flag, you sign the paper and try to repair. After the second black flag for going over the noise limit the car may no longer drive that day!
  8. Windows have to be 75% closed when on track.
  9. The rental cars of Skylimit Events are insured. The own risk is 2500€ for the Clubsport BMW E90 and 1500€ for the BMW E36 school cars. 
  10. Zolder: Trucks, busses with trailer can only enter the pitlane before 9 AM, between 12:00 and 13:00 and after 18:00. 
  11. In Francorchamps the noise limit is 103 decibel.
  12. All damages after touching the guardrails, tirewalls, etc. will be billed to the driver. 
  13. Trackdays are no competitions! They are only there to improve your drivers skills and to learn the track. There is no laptiming and we don't use these days to reach the maximum speed of the car. 
  14. Minimum age in Zolder for drivers and passengers is 16. In Spa and the Nürburgring the minimum age is 18 years