Drift Training Day Circuit Zolder

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Skylimit Drift Day own car

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The Skylimit Drift Day contains an excellent lesson plan, challenging tracks, and lots of track time. We organize these activities at the Zolder facility on a wet paddock. The goal is to have beginner and experienced drivers drift in a reliable and predictable setting, supervised by experienced instructors.

Almost all the top Dutch and Belgian drifters started their drifting careers at Skylimit Drift Day! 

Time schedule



Administration office open


Briefing/theory lesson


180° turn + roundabout


Track in the shape of a little M




Track in the shape of a large M


Drift track with 5 turns




Drift Day with your own car: €175 per person. One extra person per car pays an additional €25.

You can also enter this Drift Day with a rented car.

There are four possible formulas with a rental drift car:

  • Formula 1: Car alone, €1100
  • Formula 2: Car shared with 1 other driver, €560 p.p.
  • Formula 3: Car shared with 2 other drivers, €380 p.p.
  • Formula 4: Car shared with 3 other drivers, €290 p.p.
Track Info
addressTerlaemen 30
3550 Heusden-Zolder
length4000 m
noise limit98 db
About the track

The Zolder track was built in 1963 by Maurice Beliën. Ten years later, the first Grand  Prix Formula1 took place here. Legendary pilots such as Jim Clark, Jochen Rindt, Jack Brabham, Jacky Stewart, Niki Lauda, Mario Andretti and many others had the honor to call themselves winners at the Zolder track. Besides the ten Formula1 GPs that took place  between 1973 and 1984, the Zolder calendar also showed the DRM, later called the DTM championships.

The track is very divergent, the first part being very fast and fluent, with a second part that is highly technical. In racing, Zolder is a track that requires a compromise when it comes to the car’s set-up, which is why it is considered to be a “tough” track; high speeds require intense concentration and respect for the equipment. Turns like the Earste, Bianchi, the braking zone before the Villeneuve chicane and the Terlaemenbocht are the peaks of this track.

Highlight each year are the 24 Hours of Zolder; an endurance race that is a true exhausting battle. Every year, we are very pleased to see Skylimit customers enter this 24-hour race, often after only a year after their first Skylimit track day.

See You in Zolder! 

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